Anna-Maria Macone is one of the best in the Autism Consulting business. She is always professional, very thorough, highly knowledgeable and honest. While firm in her teaching, she is loving and fun. Her follow-up is meticulous and timely. I have tremendous respect for Anna-Maria, and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking consultation and educating their child.  My one regret is that I did not find her earlier. We have seen numerous Autism consultants in Montreal and by far she is the best.
Parents of a 7 year old

I highly recommend Anna-Maria Macone as an ABA Specialist (Therapist). Her work ethics and ability to develop, manage and execute on personalized programs with families that have children within the ASD spectrum are extremely invaluable. The results have been priceless and beyond what words can explain. She is extremely trustworthy and can make a direct positive impact on the families she works with.  Her dedicated work with our son and family has resulted in a very substantial life changing direction over the past 7 years.  We hope that other families can also benefit from her solid experience and extensive knowledge.
Parents of a 17 year old

When Anna began working with our son he had a language delay, inconsistent eye contact and a six month global delay. Our son was diagnosed at the age of two with PDD-NOS. It has been very painful and overwhelming ever since but Anna has given us hope and encouragement throughout the way. In less than a year our son has changed dramatically. He is now 3 years old and the progress he has made in just one year is unbelievable. Anna’s love, dedication and unique skills have made learning easy for our child.  She has truly made a difference in our sons’ life and we owe it all to her hard work and belief that a child can achieve his/her full potential.
Parents of a 3 year old   

Anna Maria started working with our son 3 years ago, when it was first noted by his teachers that he did not socialize with other children, could not maintain his attention in school and was struggling academically.  We later discovered that he is considered to have high functioning autism. Since she started working with our son, he has really flourished.   Despite his ongoing challenges, he has developed the social skills to allow him to make friends and his attention span is now long enough to help him learn and keep up academically.  Anna helped us work with his school to modify programs that would work better for our son and has used different techniques and tools to help him address both his learning and social challenges.  We see the progress every week and the impact on his self-esteem is unquestionable, he is no longer the timid child fearful of going to school.  Anna uses everything at her disposal to bring out the best in every child she works with. Her commitment to the children she works with and their families goes far beyond that of the average therapist.  She is truly driven by a unique passion to help children with challenges be the best that they can be, true to her butterfly analogy.  I will certainly never forget what she has done for our family!
Parents of a 10 year old

Our son was diagnosed with mild-moderate autism in 2005. We hired Anna Fall of last year, and in only small amount of time we witnessed a tremendous improvement in several arenas - his communication skills, interpersonal skills, concentration and pretend play. Not only has she created incredible, meaningful programs for him which, focused specifically on his particular needs, but she also continues to upgrade and enhance his programs as he grows and acquires these new skills.  With her help we can now have short conversations; something merely a year ago was simply not possible. Through her knowledge and tireless dedication Anna has opened a whole new world to our son and for this alone we are forever in her debt.
Parents of a 5 year old